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Aluminum Investment Castings

Small Aluminum Investment Castings
Small Aluminum Investment Castings

Aluminum investment castings from our China foundries directly compete with aluminum die castings. However, aluminum investment castings (lost wax casting) with the use of soluble core technology can allow for internal geometry that cannot be created in die casting due to molding core constraints.

Typically, aluminum investment castings will be more expensive than die casting, however the tooling costs for investment casting will be less expensive than die casting. In general lower volume parts are more suited for investment casting than die casting. Die casting is more automated than investment casting therefore reducing piece part costs.

Large Aluminum Investment Casting
Large Fan Aluminum Investment Casting

Aluminum investment castings are typically used for weight reduction due to the fact that aluminum is stronger than steel on a pound for pound basis. This makes them suitable for any application requiring weight reduction such as the marine, automotive, aerospace and many other industries.

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