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Benefits of Powdered Metal

Design engineers with increasing frequency are turning to the powder metal process because of the benefits of powdered metal parts, its cost effectiveness and versatility. Here are some of the more common reasons and benefits of powdered metal

Powdered Metal Parts
Powdered Metal Parts
  • Combination of materials - This is not possible with other manufacturing processes, and provides superior metallurgical characteristics.
  • Cost savings - Intricate sintered metal casting parts can be cast and then machined, but powder metal parts can often be produced at a fraction of the cost generating substantial cost savings of up to 90%.

  • Quality - The powdered metal process assures a quality, high precision part.
  • Wear Resistance - Powder metal parts have a proven record of superior wear resistance and long life. They hold closer tolerances than most methods and can also be made self-lubricating through oil impregnation.
  • Quieter Operation - Because of self-dampening features and smoother action, metal injection molding (MIM) ensures quieter operation.

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