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Sintered Metal Casting

Sintered Metal Casting Scalpel Blade Holder
Sintered Metal Casting - Scalpel Blade Holder

Cypress Industries can work with design engineers to convert machined parts into precision sintered metal casting components. Sintered metal casting is commonly referred to as powdered metal, metal injection molding or MIM. We work with sintered metals such as iron carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, nickel, copper, bronze, tin, nickel and molybdenum.

Mixing these metals produces different alloy compositions when sintered. Our sintered metal casting/metal injection molding factories in China provide extremely competitive pricing while keeping very high quality standards.

Sintered metal casting or MIM components can be simple or extremely complex with zero draft, thus reducing or eliminating the need for finish machining. The powdered metal process is extremely well suited for components requiring close tolerances, excellent finishes, irregular shapes and blind holes.

Our China factories specialize in manufacturing metal injection molding spur gears, brackets, structural, automotive applications and multi-level components. Our engineers can assist you in design, tolerance considerations and material selection to value engineer a metal injection molded component to produce a low cost sintered metal casting with optimum quality.

The powdered metallurgy process offers the unique advantage of being able to offer many combinations of materials to meet specific applications. Engineered metal powders are available in various grades and types to meet a wide range of performance needs.

Pre-alloyed powders are produced where each particle is an alloy itself. It is possible to combine metal and nonmetal materials that provide composite materials with properties of both in the desired finished product. This characteristic is unique to the sintered metal casting process.

MIM Weedless Fishing Lure Part
MIM Weedless Fishing Lure Part

Powdered Metal Gears
The powdered metal process can yield substantial costs savings compared to alternative methods when manufacturing gears.

Powdered metal spur gears, sprockets, pullet, bevel and helical gears and combinations of these are produced on presses that range up to 1,000 tons. Helical gears are produced in a variety of materials with right or left hand helix angles up to 30 degrees.

Powdered Stainless Steel
Cypress Industries powdered stainless steel capabilities in China produce complete sintered metal casting parts with little scrap and require significantly less machining. Stainless steel powdered metal parts are ideal for many other industries and can be made in many different shapes. We also offer vacuum sintering that may be needed for higher performance applications

Parts in sintered stainless steel are ideal for food processing machinery and can be produced in the form of gears, cams, and structural components. Stainless steel sintered metal casting parts are ideal for many other industries and can be made in many different shapes. Let our engineers find a low cost powdered metal solution to fit your specific needs.

Our sintered metal casting molding factories in China are then ready to ship your products anywhere in the world. Our warehouse and logistics centers in Shenzhen, China (just inside the border from Hong Kong) and Austin, Texas can make sure all of your delivery needs are met. From our China location we are able to ship to any locations in the world. In addition, our central United States location in Austin, Texas can warehouse product and provide next day service to cities such as Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin, Texas for larger volume forecasted orders. We have routine shipments of containers coming into the central United States in order to provide competitive pricing on large orders. Please call to determine the large shipment transit time to your city.

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